16 similarities between Islam and Hinduism

At first glance, it may seem Islam and Hinduism have nothing in common but that is not true at all. In fact, there are many interesting similarities between Islam and Hinduism. These similarities in many cases are strong and fundamental. So, it is very strange that why quite often Muslim- and Hindu people fight with each other!

  1. Both religions accept that God has the power and the knowledge to execute and enforce His will.
  2. Both religions believe in divine scriptures and divine intervention.
  3. It is mentioned in both the Quran and the Gita that God is the Supreme Being and has the absolute power over the universe.
  4. Both religions believe that God gave man free will so that he could be responsible for his actions. That God is kind enough to let us choose our path and be responsible for it.
  5. Both religions accept that God loves those who love him and that he hears our prayers.
  6. Be it Allah or Krishna, your prayers will never go unheard. 
  7. Both religions believe in the responsibility of each individual towards others, and in the practice of charity, righteousness, forgiveness, compassion, and moderation in food and drink.
  8. Just as Islam believes in zakat,the Hindus believe in daan. 
  9. Both religions advocate non-violence.
  10. Both Hinduism and Islam shun human killing.
  11. Both religions state that there should be no compulsion in religion. That a person is free to choose his own religions and beliefs.
  12. Both religions believe that remembering and reciting the names and words of God creates inner purification.
  13. Islam believes in salat and Hindus believe in bhakti.
  14. Both religions believe in the ultimate destruction of the world and the rescue of the pious and pure by God.
  15. Both Islam and Hinduism believe in divine miracles.

16. Both religions emphasize on meditation. Both the Quran and the Gita tell a lot about the importance of meditation. That is why the prophet Muhammad (s) started his meditation many years before even being a prophet. And after being a prophet of God, Prophet Muhammad continued his meditation on daily basis with huge devotion.


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