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10 Ways To Make Money Online

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Whether you have your own blog or website it can be quite easy to make money online, so much so, you don’t necessarily need either. Listed below are excellent ideas to make money online, for a full-time income or just to give you a little extra money each month. Blogging– naturally [ Continue reading…]

Difference between Reality and Hallucination: Pre-Death Dreams Aren’t Hallucinations

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During their final days, people commonly report having extraordinary dreams and visions. While there’s an extensive record of these pre-death experiences, little formal research on them exists. Researchers from Canisius College, however, recently conducted the first such study, published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine and found that end-of-life dreams and visions (ELDVs) are an [ Continue reading…]

We don’t understand the universe: there are many unsolved and perpetual mysteries!

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“What do we know about the universe?” asked astronomer Bob Berman to a crowded room at IdeaFestival 2015 in Louisville, Kentucky. “Why aren’t the answers satisfying? Where do they go wrong?” There’s a lot of hard and fast data, he says, but it doesn’t always give us the right answers. [ Continue reading…]