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Islam and Reincarnation

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Many Muslims mistakenly believe that after death the soul resides at the place where the body has been buried, awaiting the resurrection. What does the holy Quran teach? In the Surah 2: 28 God says: How can you reject faith in God? Do you not recall that you were once [ Continue reading…]

Paranormal Activities: Devils

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What are devils? They are not ghost or spirits. They have many names; jinns genie’s, demons, shadow people, gray people etc. The Muslims believe that God created three beings; Angels, humans and jinns(In other religions and cultures these are known as devils). The jinns were created with ‘smokeless fire’ and [ Continue reading…]

Muraqaba- The Sufi Meditation

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When we try to learn a new skill or try to gain knowledge about a specific subject, we follow a guideline or a system, which demands that we pay attention to the subject to fully understand it. Our mind becomes curious to know the where, how and what of it. [ Continue reading…]

Islam versus Atheism

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This is an imagined discussion between a Muslim and an atheist. But it is based on my actual discussions with atheists. Muslim: Do you believe in God? Atheist: There is no God. Can you prove that there is a God? Muslim: The universe, the land, the see, the sky, the [ Continue reading…]

Who Are Quranist Muslims?

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Stoning women is NOT in the Holy Quran, by the way Quranist Muslims are peaceful, and none of them are terrorists. All the others are Sunni Muslims, I’m not saying that all Sunni Muslims are bad, but just that those terrorist are not Quranist Muslims. Quranist Muslims do NOT believe [ Continue reading…]