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5 Top Basic Sales Tips

Selling can be considered to a generic business. Each company has something to sell, whether it is a product or a service. Selling that product or service is critical to the company’s well being, so the technique behind the sales pitch is ultimately vital. There are so many sales tips floating around it’s hard to select one which may be appropriate and one which will actually bring success.

You should always be aware that not every technique will work for every product, for example the methods used to sell a car would be different to those used to sell a food product.
Keeping the above note in mind, here are some general sales tips that are beneficial to throughout the sales industry. With that in mind, consider these following tips that are beneficial to all industries and markets.

1: Listen to your client’s emotional side – Your relationship with your clients is important. You need them to feel strongly about your products, services or even your company. In return you should care about their emotions, for example if they look tired, say so! Build up a friendly rapport with your client’s, as sometimes they can be stressed and need somebody to talk to.

2: Focus on the client’s needs – Don’t fall into the trap of trying to yield a greater profit on the basis of the size of the company that you are dealing with. They will either realise what you’re doing, or that you have sold them products that they don’t need. This will end your relationship with this company, they need to trust you!

3: Your language should focus on your customers – A lot of salespeople tend to give themselves more importance than their customers. For example, instead of saying “I think this car will be better suited for your family”, say “Your children will be very comfortable in this spacious car”. Changing the “I” and “me” to “you” and “your” will make a huge difference.

4: Let your client see the outcome of the purchase – Your customers need to know exactly what the products you are selling can do for them. They need to realise what they will gain, for example how much could they save on their electricity bill if they used your light bulbs? Always look at the long term savings if you can.

5: Understand your customer’s main concern – For example if your client is not planning on making an expensive purchase due to reasons beyond your control, save your sales pitch for a later date, it will avoid wasting your time and theirs. You don’t want to appear as if you are constantly hounding them for money!

So there you have it, some basic yet effective sales tips for you. Please take this on board and I wish you the best of luck.

About the Author: This article is written by Jonathan Walker of Jobs in sales


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