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Immigrate to Canada under Investor Visa Program

One of the most immigrant-targeted nations across the world, Canada is just great for business and investment purposes. Actually, investors immigrate to this nation in large numbers, from across the world, hoping to make a fortune, if not a killing. The nation's G7-leading economy is propelled by industrious and ambitious people who have the required education and know-how to bring about profits. Fuelled by R&D and amply supported by policies which are investor and business friendly, the superb business climate of the nation nurtures innovation and adds to fiscal development.

Canada's famous Immigrant Investor Program, under which investor visas could be obtained, is interested in experienced business people from abroad, who can pump in an investment to the tune of C$800,000 into the economy of the country and also become permanent residents. Although most of the investors come from nations like China, Taiwan, Korea and Hong Kong, of late, there has been a surge in the number of investors applying from the Middle East and other places.

Immigrant Investor Program: Terms & Conditions

The candidate should have not less than two years of experience in any kind of business, with a net value of not less than C$1,600,000, which has been received lawfully. He should also be ready and in a position to make an investment to the tune of C$800,000. He should also show that he can support himself well and also those who are dependent on him, after he turns up on the soils of the country.

He must also pocket not less than 35 points during the selection process. The person applying and the members of his family should also sail through a medical exam, besides security and criminal checks, and also fulfill any other requirements as laid down by the regulations involving Canadian or Quebec Immigration.

It must be mentioned that the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) manages this specific investment which is guaranteed by the provinces of the country. And, these employ it to generate new jobs and also boost their economies. The CIC returns the investment of C$800,000, minus any interest; following a lapse of nearly five years and two months, post payment.

Certified Immigration Consultants

All future investors are well advised to consult Certified Immigration Consultants on Canada to understand the whole process ‘inside out', and also avoid any untoward development. These professionals usually keep a tab on the latest laws and procedures related to immigrationand Investor Visa. They are also known to offer professional & high quality service, and go by a strict, code of conduct which is enforceable.


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