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Effective Remedy for Back Pain

Sometimes we face pain that can be caused by numerous conditions and circumstances. One of the most common happenings results from problems in the way in which the spine experiences movement. There are various conditions that can result in complications in spinal movement. These conditions include degeneration of the discs, [ Continue reading…]

Applications in Cancer Treatment

A cure for cancer exists through the use of yoga, a San Antonio, Texas, cancer specialist said during a seminar in Oklahoma City in the 1980s. But physicians refused to acknowledge the cure, said Col. Hansa Raval, M.D., a pathologist with the United States Army. Dr. Raval said her work [ Continue reading…]

How To Get Muscles That Would Make A Greek god Jealous

If you are clueless at the gym and yet hungry for plain, good ‘ol professional advice to help you on the road to that sculpted physique of a Greek god, fret not! All you have to do is to have a solid commitment, use the knowledge gleaned from this article [ Continue reading…]

Home Remedy for Menstrual Cramps

Generally menstrual cramps are characterized by the name of dysmenorrhea. It is primarily known for the abdominal pain associated with menstrual cramps. This pain mostly occurs in the abdominal and pelvic region during the woman’s menstrual period. The intensity of pain varies from woman to woman. In some women the [ Continue reading…]

Hair Restoration- A Modern Solution to Hide Scars

When you look at someone, the chances are that most of time you will be taking in their face and head. So, scarring on the scalp often causes people to be extremely self-conscious about their appearance. It may seem as though there is little that can be done to remove [ Continue reading…]

Cancer Treatment With Alternative Medicine

People suffering from any type cancer may be breast cancer or lung cancer and even prostate cancer or colon cancer highly depend on traditional cancer treatments namely radiology or chemotherapy. But many search for other solutions like various forms of complementary and alternative cancer treatments to relief them from pain. [ Continue reading…]

Categories of Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids is the another name for piles and these are cause due to the swelling in the veins and its surrounding region; therefore it is the diseases which is common in people of every age group. Hemorrhoid is the most common disease that can occur to anyone; hence hemorrhoid treatment [ Continue reading…]

Causes and Treatment of Aging

Aging is a natural phenomenon following which the body undergoes physical changes. Old age is a process related to advanced age. It is an irreversible process which can only be postponed cosmetically. There is no fixed measure for old age, but usually a person is known to be aging once [ Continue reading…]

Cholesterol Heart Friendly Foods

You must maintain a healthy cholesterol level in order to avoid heart disease. There are many reasons why people can have unhealthy cholesterol levels. A person’s weight is not only a risk factor for heart disease on its own, but being overweight can also increase your cholesterol. By losing weight [ Continue reading…]

Cobalt – Never Heard of It, but It May Save Your Life

Cobalt is a trace mineral, which means that it is required by the body in minute amounts. However, it performs a number of very important functions. Cobalt helps to repair the myelin sheath, which surrounds the nerves. Autoimmune disorders damage this tissue. Therefore, cobalt is very useful for those who [ Continue reading…]