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The Healing Power Of Prayer

Health and religion have always been intertwined, most obviously through prayer on behalf of the sick. Does intercessory prayer for sick people actually help heal them? For thousands of years some people have believed so. But new Brandeis University research in the Journal of Religion this month shows that over [ Continue reading…]

How to Have A Snore-free Living

Picture awakening each morning after hours of deep, continuous sleep as well as feeling as if you’re rested and ready to start up your day. Proceed to give thought to planning along with the leisure of every day evident, sharp, and lot less bouts of sleepiness in which appeared to [ Continue reading…]

Turmeric Can Be More Effective Than 14 Drugs

The health benefits of turmeric are plentiful, and have even been proven to be more effective than some medications to treat cholesterol, inflammation against tumor cells, and diabetes. Turmeric is part of the ginger family and is commonly found in Middle Eastern and Southeast Asian cuisines, such as Indian curry. It’s [ Continue reading…]

Heart Attack vs. Sudden Cardiac Arrest: What are the Differences?

Understanding the difference between heart attack and sudden cardiac arrest could help save lives. One way to understand the difference between the two conditions is this distinction: The heart attack victim is awake and the heart is beating. In contrast, the sudden cardiac arrest victim is not awake and the [ Continue reading…]

The 10 Best Foods To Reduce Stress And Achieve Inner Calmness

In this article I will cover the 10 best foods for reducing stress and achieving inner calmness. These foods are the foods that will help you relax, prevent the damage stress has on your body and will get you in a calm mood to help you deal better with any [ Continue reading…]

How to Determine is Your Food Your Medicine or Your Poison?

I taught a class this morning where a gentleman asked me a question about a pre-Diabetes program that he is involved in. He was wondering my opinion on the eating plan that is being recommended. I won’t go into detail on the description, but I told him I didn’t agree [ Continue reading…]

What are the Risks for Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin D is a part of the “Calcium-vitamin D-Parathyroid hormone” endocrine axis. It is crucial for calcium metabolism. Adequate calcium intake along with Vitamin D is necessary to maintain the peak bone mass achieved by an individual. Vitamin D adequacy during early age helps in reducing the risk of osteoporosis [ Continue reading…]

List of Healthy Snacks to Keep You Alert at Work

Let us start with a small story… Harish had to attend a really important meeting with India’s bestselling author. The author’s flight was delayed, so the meeting that had to start at 1 PM was delayed by an hour. He knew he was cutting it too close but since he [ Continue reading…]

How to Eat Healthy and Live Healthy in the World

Eating healthy does not necessarily mean following unrealistic dietary regimes or giving up foods that you love. Instead, it is about eating right, eating on time and balancing the various nutritional elements in your meal. A healthy diet will leave you feeling great, energy-packed and of course, healthier. In the [ Continue reading…]