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Rely on God, what does it mean?

Probably the “rely on God” is a least understood and most misunderstood issue unfortunately! [The Quran 39:38]  If you ask them, “Who created the heavens and the earth?” they will say, “GOD.” Say, “Why then do you set up idols beside GOD? If GOD willed any adversity for me, can [ Continue reading…]

Is Belief In God, A Blind Belief?

1.  Literally speaking, yes! One believes in God – being Muslim, I would prefer calling Him Allah – without seeing Him with one’s eyes. 2.  But blind belief is not just that. We cannot see electricity flowing in a wire, but we believe a wire is live with electric current if [ Continue reading…]

How does God create things?

[The holy Quran 41:9]  Say, “You disbelieve in the One who created the earth in two days, and you set up idols to rank with Him, though He is Lord of the universe.” [41:10]  He placed on it stabilizers (mountains), made it productive, and He calculated its provisions in four [ Continue reading…]

Who is Allah (God)?

We have put here the most of the important and relevant Quranic verses on the topic. [The Holy Quran 2:28] “How do you deny God and you were lifeless and He gave you life? Again He will cause you to die and again bring you to life, then you shall [ Continue reading…]

Rashad Khalifa and his alleged God’s messengership

Initially I was quite convinced and impressed that Dr. Rashad Khalifa was a messenger of God but now I do not think he was a messenger of God. I think he believed so for himself mistakenly! I am not calling him a liar or imposter because anybody could be mistaken [ Continue reading…]

Quran’s clear contradictions and world’s all major religions

[The Quran 5:43]  Why do they ask you (O Muhammad) to judge among them, when they have the Torah, containing GOD’s law, and they chose to disregard it? They are not believers. Surely [5:43] verse without any slight ambiguity endorses Jewish religion once and forever because even during prophet Muhammad [ Continue reading…]

Faith in God Positively Influences Psychiatric Illness Treatment

Belief in God may significantly improve the outcome of those receiving short-term treatment for psychiatric illness, according to a recent study conducted by McLean Hospital investigators. In the study, published in the current issue of Journal of Affective Disorders, David H. Rosmarin, PhD, McLean Hospital clinician and instructor in the [ Continue reading…]

Is idol worshipping the worst sin?!

[The Quran 6:107] Had GOD willed, they would not have worshiped idols. We did not appoint you as their guardian, nor are you their advocate. The Quran says the idol worshipping is the greatest sin! Why does idol worshipping the worst sin? If we set up partner (s) with God, will [ Continue reading…]

Worst stupidity if one believes Aliens are unreal

God almighty created billions of galaxies, trillions of stars and countless planets and satellites and out of them the star our Sun is just a humble one. How can rational believers believe that God created all those billions of galaxies, trillions of stars and countless planets just for nothing?! [The [ Continue reading…]

God, Universe, Space, Time, Devil and Human – So Many Mysteries

If we think deeply about God (Allah in Arabic), Universe, Devil and Human specially, we find so many Mysteries!! We will be stuck so many times with no solutions, no answers and no obvious conclusion even if we seek help from the powerful and knowledgeable book on the earth, the [ Continue reading…]