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The Change of Qiblah in the Quran

Many  scholars claim that Muhammad issued religious teachings outside  the Quranic revelation. One passage they use to justify such a claim is  in  2:143: “ … We did not make the Qiblah that you were on  only to distinguish  those among you who readily follow the messenger  from those who would  [ Continue reading…]

Tolerance of Prophet Muhammad towards Other Religions

Salam. The correct title should be “The tolerance of Islam towards other religions”.  The Prophet was for Islam.  Islam was not Prophet.  The Prophet derived the teaching and wisdom on tolerance from the Quran. [The Quran 16:125] You shall invite to the path of your Lord with wisdom and kind [ Continue reading…]

Jamaat is not an Islamic party

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In every party there are some good and bad people. Awami League is not an exception in this regard. Awami League at least is not misleading people in the name of Islam or religion. Awami League is a secular party. They are afraid that party like Jamaat, if goes to [ Continue reading…]

Jamati Sayedee’s crimes are worse than Molla’s?

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Religion is a matter of faith based on evidence and logic. We cannot prove most of the religious doctrines  in any experimental lab. Mr Sayedi is a stupid and ignorant fanatic. If he forced someone to convert in Islam that is crime but not a crime worth to deserve capital [ Continue reading…]

The most profitable work

Peace be upon you, I would like to urge genuine Muslims to work very hard to propagate the true Islam, the religion of peace, love, kindness, forgiveness and charity.  Many people have huge amount of money, many people have a lot of good academic degrees and doing good jobs but [ Continue reading…]

Islam, the religion of peace: ISLAM and SALAM linked

The religion of Islam is the religion of peace. Some people argue that the term Islam is not related to the Arabic “notion” of “peace” is not correct. The word “Islam” is a derived noun from the root S L M – it is masdar (Verbal Noun) of baab ifaal. [ Continue reading…]

God’s Spirit is in My Heart

There is a part of each human being is the part of God, God’s Spirit. Therefore, human has divine nature, divine purpose and divine destiny because God’s Spirit cannot go to hell permanently. In fact, according to the holy Quran, every human on earth is a representative of God. When [ Continue reading…]

Fasting-related verses in the holy Quran

[The Quran 2:183-185] O you who believe, fasting is decreed for you, as it was decreed for those before you, that you may attain salvation. Specific days (are designated for fasting); if one is ill or traveling, an equal number of other days may be substituted. Those who can fast, [ Continue reading…]

There is no compulsion in religion, is it?!

According to more than 90% of the Quran there shall be no compulsion in religion. That’s good and makes sense because religion itself cannot be proved or disproved so any kind of applying force to implement any particular religion is utterly nonsense. Religion is based on belief and belief itself [ Continue reading…]

Riba (interest, usury) and Modern Banking System

Now let us come to point, usury. taking usury is a terrible sin which can lead a person to hell. Terrible warning is issued from God almighty. For example, God does not say if you do not do obligatory fasting during Ramadan you have to go to hell. So we [ Continue reading…]