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What Is Meant by Protected by Federal Bankruptcy Law?

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Bankruptcy laws help individuals and companies with heavy debt loads, allowing them to get back on their feet financially. Often, debts are erased or restructured through a bankruptcy case, and the debtor has a chance to wipe his financial slate clean. To give debtors the flexibility to resolve their financial [ Continue reading…]

Can Bankruptcy Stop a Civil Lawsuit?

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When one files for bankruptcy, an automatic stay immediately goes into effect. The stay is not dependent on your repayment plan being approved by the court if you file for Chapter 13, and you don’t have to personally notify your creditors of the stay, if you file for Chapter 7. [ Continue reading…]

Is It Legal to Sell My Car to Pay for the Bankruptcy?

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As anyone who’s been through it will tell you, bankruptcy isn’t free. You pay court costs and filing fees, attorney fees and even a fee for the mandatory credit counseling required by law. You can’t discharge bankruptcy costs, and in most cases, you have to pay them up front. If [ Continue reading…]

Company Lawyers – Providing Essential Services for Companies

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Company lawyers act for the companies that employ them and help them with many different legal matters. The services that they provide a company with include obtaining licenses and permits for the business, this often meaning that they have to contact foreign governments and local governments on their behalf. They [ Continue reading…]

Accident Claims: When Should I Make a Claim?

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When should you make accident claims? Whenever you have been involved in an incident or accident that, through no fault of your own, has resulted in you sustaining an injury, or in some way having the normal tenor of your life disrupted in a disadvantageous fashion. As a rule of [ Continue reading…]

The punishment for thief

[The Quran 5:38] The male thief, and the female thief, you shall cut their hands as a punishment for what they have committed, and to serve as a deterrent from God. God is Dignified, Wise. Footnote 5:38 – The word ‘fa aqta’oo’ has been wrongly interpreted by the traditional scholars [ Continue reading…]

Illegal Immigration In America

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A person residing in any country illegally is known as an “illegal immigrant.” Some illegals enter the US illegally whereas others, though they enter legally, they overstay the number of days permitted on their visa or infringe the terms of their green card or refugee permit. They move to the [ Continue reading…]

Illegal Immigration Law and Your Duties As an Employer

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Obviously, by now every business in this country knows that it is illegal to hire an illegal alien, that is to say someone who is in our country without permission, doesn’t have a work visa, or has simply crossed the border to find a job. Many employers are upset because [ Continue reading…]

How Does a Church File for Bankruptcy as per the U.S. Bankruptcy Code?

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Classified as a commercial enterprise, a church can use one of two different types of bankruptcy, according to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy allows a church to obtain a discharge–or elimination–of most, if not all, of its debt. The church stops operating in a Chapter 7 case. [ Continue reading…]

What Happens to Shareholders of a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?

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A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is designed to permit a business the ability to continue functioning, reorganize its operations and restructure its debt. The primary objective of a Chapter 11 bankruptcy is to provide a business the protection it needs to regain a stable and ultimately profitable financial footing. Oftentimes the [ Continue reading…]