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The Concept of Dual Citizenship

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Dual citizenship simply means a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time. Every country has its own laws for citizenship based on its own policy. Persons may acquire dual nationality by operation of different laws in countries rather than by choice. For example, a child born [ Continue reading…]

God, Universe, Space, Time, Devil and Human – So Many Mysteries

If we think deeply about God (Allah in Arabic), Universe, Devil and Human specially, we find so many Mysteries!! We will be stuck so many times with no solutions, no answers and no obvious conclusion even if we seek help from the powerful and knowledgeable book on the earth, the [ Continue reading…]

Mysterious Energy Burst Stuns Astronomers

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In a shock finding, astronomers using CSIRO’s Parkes telescope have detected a huge burst of radio energy from the distant universe that could open up a new field in astrophysics. The research team, led by Assistant Professor Duncan Lorimer of West Virginia University, reported its discovery in the journal Science [ Continue reading…]

Mysteries And Surprises In Quantum Physics

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Cavity quantum electrodynamics” is a sub-field of quantum optics. Speaking at the EPL symposium, “Physics In Our Times” held today (9 May) at the Fondation Del Duca de l’Institut de France, Paris Professor Serge Haroche from the Collège de France and the École Normale Supérieure in Paris, explained how he [ Continue reading…]

Jamaat is not an Islamic party

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In every party there are some good and bad people. Awami League is not an exception in this regard. Awami League at least is not misleading people in the name of Islam or religion. Awami League is a secular party. They are afraid that party like Jamaat, if goes to [ Continue reading…]

Jamati Sayedee’s crimes are worse than Molla’s?

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Religion is a matter of faith based on evidence and logic. We cannot prove most of the religious doctrines  in any experimental lab. Mr Sayedi is a stupid and ignorant fanatic. If he forced someone to convert in Islam that is crime but not a crime worth to deserve capital [ Continue reading…]

Marriage Based Immigration Law

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Marriage based immigration is one of the simplest and most straightforward ways of obtaining legal residence in the United States. In order to qualify it must be shown: The alien entered legally, 2. They are in a bona fide good faith marriage with a US citizen, 3. They are not [ Continue reading…]

Methods in Receiving a US Green Card

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So you’re about to obtain a Green card? If you are, you ought to be capable of identifying what method you shall use to have your card as quickly as possible. To help you to get started along with your application, listed below are the different methods how you can [ Continue reading…]

Most Oppressors of Muslims Are Muslim

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American Muslims often talk about how they are not treated well in the West. Over 4 million Muslims live in the United States in peace and with Freedom of Religion. Many more millions live in Western Europe, in most cases with little interference with their culture and lifestyle. Since I [ Continue reading…]

Education and Employment Immigration to Australia

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The educational system in Australia offers more than just academic achievements and globally recognized educational qualifications. It prepares you for working in the global marketplace. Studying in Australia is an unique experience that lends independence, maturity, understanding of cultures and viewing issues with a different perspective. Australian universities have made [ Continue reading…]