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Canada Offers Ample Immigration Avenues For Immigrants

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Canada has a well deserved reputation of a successful trading nation, being a member of the G7 group of leading industrial countries. The country offers high standards of living, excellent public infrastructure and world class educational systems to its citizens. Canada was declared as the best country to reside subsequently [ Continue reading…]

Canada As a Prosperous Economic Nation For Immigration

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Canada has long enjoyed popularity as a great tourist destination. Immensely beautiful countryside and a vast array of outdoor activities, has always attracted tourists from different parts of the world. Cities such as Quebec and Montreal rich in tradition and also Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver with exemplary architecture are [ Continue reading…]

Australian Immigration: The Importance of Agency

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As a registered migration agent and lawyer, it’s all very well for me to tell you that hiring an agent can be integral to the success of your Australian visa application. Of course I would say that, I’m running a business! But the truth is an immigration agent can make [ Continue reading…]

Danger of Alien (UFO) intervention

It is no secret that many people around the globe encountered Alien or Alien spacecraft (flying saucer). However, it is very strange that Alien spacecraft is trying its best to hide from us! This is a warning sign for all human family on earth. If those aliens have good and [ Continue reading…]

Benefits Of Being an Asylee

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Once asylum is granted, it means that the asylee can live and work legally in the US and will subsequently have the opportunity to apply for lawful permanent residence and citizenship. However, it is important to note that asylum is not a permanent, guaranteed status for life in the US. [ Continue reading…]

Some Important Bangladeshi and World News & Media Sites

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All the important Bangladesh’s newspapers and media sites are included in this page. Besides, the most popular and important world newspapers and media sites have been  included too. We hope you enjoy the page. You can also suggest us to put more newspapers and media site links to be included [ Continue reading…]

Religious Intolerance in Pakistan

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Khurram Zaki was coldblooded in Karachi. SSP Jahanzeb Kakar was killed premeditatedly. Barrister Aman Ullah Achakzai was shot dead. Ahmedi doctor Khaliq Bashir had mercilessly been murdered. A prominent Qawwal Amjad Sabri has systematically removed from the earth. Nawab Khan Saafi a PMS Officer is no more with us. He [ Continue reading…]

Muslims in America

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Notwithstanding TLC’s cancellation of the reality show, “All-American Muslim”, because it didn’t portray reality and because the Muslims depicted weren’t as much Americans as they were Islamists, Muslims have been making inroads into American society and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Just a few examples of growing Islamic [ Continue reading…]

Science in the Ancient Muslim World

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Ancient Greece is regarded by many as the father civilization to scientific studies. Many philosophers of this era wrote the foundation of what we know today to be modern science. After the fall of great civilizations in Europe in the Dark Ages much of the knowledge derived from the Greeks [ Continue reading…]

Difference between Reality and Hallucination: Pre-Death Dreams Aren’t Hallucinations

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During their final days, people commonly report having extraordinary dreams and visions. While there’s an extensive record of these pre-death experiences, little formal research on them exists. Researchers from Canisius College, however, recently conducted the first such study, published in the Journal of Palliative Medicine and found that end-of-life dreams and visions (ELDVs) are an [ Continue reading…]