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Prophet Muhammad Warned About ISIS Terrorists, Muslim Extremism

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From Saudi Arabia taking military action in Yemen to the Islamic State terrorist group killing people en masse in Iraq and Syria, these current-day developments of Muslims fighting against other Muslims should be viewed as a disgrace but not as a surprise. Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, [ Continue reading…]

The List of Languages Spoken in India

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India is a large populated area with variety of food, religion and culture. Similarly, different variety of languages is spoken in India. There is estimation that there are more than hundred languages, which are spoken in Asian sub-continent. But the official language of India is Hindi which is in the [ Continue reading…]

Interreligious Harmony in Nigeria

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During the last 42 years, Nigeria has experienced all sorts of interreligious fratricides leading to loss of precious lives of civilians and men in uniform running into hundreds of thousands. Most older people will remember the Maitatsine Riots which dominated the Shehu Shagari and the IBB years. Reprisal attacks by [ Continue reading…]

Does India properly behave with Bangladesh?

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India is our big neighbor. India helped us to get our independent Bangladesh in 1971. However, that help might be more in need for India to split up the then Pakistan so that her rival (Pakistan) can be weaken. Anyway we got benefited for India’s help in 1971 whatever be [ Continue reading…]

Corruption in Bangladesh

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Salam, You raised a very important question. Corruption Situation in Bangladesh is even worse than India where more than 80% people claim to be Muslims! Bangladesh even became top-corrupted country in the world for several years in a row! Being a Bangladeshi, I really feel ashamed for that. How can a [ Continue reading…]

In the midst of crossfire of fanatic groups

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Dear all, For, especially all progressive minded people, it is crucial to be vigilant for all those blind believing fanatic groups so that they cannot turn Bangladesh into Afghanistan, Iraq or Syria. Those Taliban, Al-Qaeda, JMB, Jamat, IOJ etc. have same ideology, they are extremist and misguided Muslims – some [ Continue reading…]

Benefits and necessities of cycling

The necessities of cycling are enormous due to the world environmental degradation, pollution, noise, health, safety and many other reasons. For example, Australian Government estimates that the ‘avoidable costs’ of traffic congestion is due to rise from $5.4 billion in 2005 to $20.4 billion in 2020. In an attempt to “cure” [ Continue reading…]


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Brother Momin has written: In the history of the world, who has killed maximum number of innocent human beings?   1) “Hitler” Do you know who he was? He was a Christian, but media will never call all Christians terrorists. 2) “Joseph Stalin called as Uncle Joe”. He killed 20 million human [ Continue reading…]

Why do so many people desperate to oppose Islam?

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Assalamu Alikum, Did you ever think that why those people are so desperate to get rid of Islam from any kind of state affairs? Because they are seeing what Taliban, ISIS and other extremist groups are representing their so-called Islam!! Your and other so-called Islamic parties’ Islam is based on [ Continue reading…]

Jamaat is not an Islamic party

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In every party there are some good and bad people. Awami League is not an exception in this regard. Awami League at least is not misleading people in the name of Islam or religion. Awami League is a secular party. They are afraid that party like Jamaat, if goes to [ Continue reading…]