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Jamati Sayedee’s crimes are worse than Molla’s?

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Religion is a matter of faith based on evidence and logic. We cannot prove most of the religious doctrines  in any experimental lab. Mr Sayedi is a stupid and ignorant fanatic. If he forced someone to convert in Islam that is crime but not a crime worth to deserve capital [ Continue reading…]

Most Oppressors of Muslims Are Muslim

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American Muslims often talk about how they are not treated well in the West. Over 4 million Muslims live in the United States in peace and with Freedom of Religion. Many more millions live in Western Europe, in most cases with little interference with their culture and lifestyle. Since I [ Continue reading…]

America and Nationality

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Mutual respect is the very cornerstone laid by our forefathers in building this great nation of ours, the United States of America. This is the reasonable tolerance and respect of the diverse cultures that each person possesses. Such respect outlines the freedom that we take pride in as Americans. The [ Continue reading…]

Religious Intolerance in Pakistan

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Khurram Zaki was coldblooded in Karachi. SSP Jahanzeb Kakar was killed premeditatedly. Barrister Aman Ullah Achakzai was shot dead. Ahmedi doctor Khaliq Bashir had mercilessly been murdered. A prominent Qawwal Amjad Sabri has systematically removed from the earth. Nawab Khan Saafi a PMS Officer is no more with us. He [ Continue reading…]

Muslims in America

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Notwithstanding TLC’s cancellation of the reality show, “All-American Muslim”, because it didn’t portray reality and because the Muslims depicted weren’t as much Americans as they were Islamists, Muslims have been making inroads into American society and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Just a few examples of growing Islamic [ Continue reading…]