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7 Reasons Everyone Should Study Physics

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Want to know how and why? Physics is crucial to understanding the world around us, the world inside us, and the world beyond us. It is the most basic and fundamental science. Physics challenges our imaginations with concepts like relativity and string theory, and it leads to great discoveries, like [ Continue reading…]

How the Largest Star Known Is Tearing Itself Apart

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An international team of astronomers has observed part of the final death throes of the largest known star in the Universe as it throws off its outer layers. The discovery, by a collaboration of scientists from the UK, Chile, Germany and the USA, is a vital step in understanding how [ Continue reading…]

Our Universe at Home Within a Larger Universe?

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Could our universe be located within the interior of a wormhole which itself is part of a black hole that lies within a much larger universe? Such a scenario in which the universe is born from inside a wormhole (also called an Einstein-Rosen Bridge) is suggested in a paper from [ Continue reading…]

Collapse of the Universe Is Closer Than Ever Before

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Maybe it happens tomorrow. Maybe in a billion years. Physicists have long predicted that the universe may one day collapse, and that everything in it will be compressed to a small hard ball. New calculations from physicists at the University of Southern Denmark now confirm this prediction — and they [ Continue reading…]

Brain May Flush out Toxins During Sleep; Sleep Clears Brain of Molecules Associated With Neurodegeneration

A good night’s rest may literally clear the mind. Using mice, researchers showed for the first time that the space between brain cells may increase during sleep, allowing the brain to flush out toxins that build up during waking hours. These results suggest a new role for sleep in health [ Continue reading…]

Scientist Predicts A ‘Miserable Future’ For Our Universe

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How did the universe begin? How will it end? Do other universes exist? Everyone at some time or another ponders these questions. Generations of researchers have brought us to our current point of understanding, but our picture of the universe has changed more in the past decade or so than [ Continue reading…]

Worldwide Hunt To Solve The Mystery Of Gamma-ray Bursts

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UK space scientist Emeritus Professor Alan Wells discussed the breadth of international collaborations in new discoveries about gamma ray bursts obtained from the Swift satellite and coordinated observations from a global network of ground based telescopes at the AAAS annual meeting in Boston. Gamma-ray bursts are short-lived events, lasting between [ Continue reading…]

The Holy Quran and Modern Science

Are you a truth seeker? Are you looking for the true religion that is assigned by God almighty for mankind? To follow a religion blindly doesn’t make any sense. You need to distinguish what is truth from what is falsehood by using science, reasons, logic and rationality. You should not [ Continue reading…]

Turning ‘Funky’ Quantum Mysteries Into Computing Reality

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The strange world of quantum mechanics can provide a way to surpass limits in speed, efficiency and accuracy of computing, communications and measurement, according to research by MIT scientist Seth Lloyd. Quantum mechanics is the set of physical theories that explain the behavior of matter and energy at the scale [ Continue reading…]

Mysterious Energy Burst Stuns Astronomers

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In a shock finding, astronomers using CSIRO’s Parkes telescope have detected a huge burst of radio energy from the distant universe that could open up a new field in astrophysics. The research team, led by Assistant Professor Duncan Lorimer of West Virginia University, reported its discovery in the journal Science [ Continue reading…]