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Why do so many people desperate to oppose Islam?

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Assalamu Alikum, Did you ever think that why those people are so desperate to get rid of Islam from any kind of state affairs? Because they are seeing what Taliban, ISIS and other extremist groups are representing their so-called Islam!! Your and other so-called Islamic parties’ Islam is based on [ Continue reading…]

The righteous do not die and go straight to paradise

Salamun Alykum. Thanks for quoting the Quran, the true guidance. The righteous do not die.  They go straight to heaven.   [The Quran 16:32] The angels terminate their lives in a state of righteousness, saying, “Peace be upon you.  Enter paradise as a reward for your works.”   Only the [ Continue reading…]


Salam. Pronouncing the Shahadah does not make us a Submitter (Muslim in Arabic) or a Believer (Mu’min in Arabic). The submission to the Will of God makes us Submitter.  Our journey should start with the submission to the Will of God.  It is a state of mind choosing between the two: God [ Continue reading…]

The Dress Code for Women in the Quran

Introduction: Before presenting the Quranic rules for women’s dress, it is essential first to remind ourselves of the following: 1- The Quran is the only source of law that is authorised by God (6:114). 2- The Quran is complete and fully detailed (6:38, 6:114, 6:89 and 12:111). 3- God calls [ Continue reading…]

The Change of Qiblah in the Quran

Many  scholars claim that Muhammad issued religious teachings outside  the Quranic revelation. One passage they use to justify such a claim is  in  2:143: “ … We did not make the Qiblah that you were on  only to distinguish  those among you who readily follow the messenger  from those who would  [ Continue reading…]

Quranic Law regarding Marriage to Non-Muslims

Often the question is posed about the rules for Muslims in marrying non-Muslims. Many scholars have been advocating rules that are in direct violation of God’s clear law in the Quran. Sadly, and in male orientated cultures we hear the claim that a Muslim man may marry a woman of [ Continue reading…]

Most Oppressors of Muslims Are Muslim

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American Muslims often talk about how they are not treated well in the West. Over 4 million Muslims live in the United States in peace and with Freedom of Religion. Many more millions live in Western Europe, in most cases with little interference with their culture and lifestyle. Since I [ Continue reading…]

The most profitable work

Peace be upon you, I would like to urge genuine Muslims to work very hard to propagate the true Islam, the religion of peace, love, kindness, forgiveness and charity.  Many people have huge amount of money, many people have a lot of good academic degrees and doing good jobs but [ Continue reading…]

God’s Spirit is in My Heart

There is a part of each human being is the part of God, God’s Spirit. Therefore, human has divine nature, divine purpose and divine destiny because God’s Spirit cannot go to hell permanently. In fact, according to the holy Quran, every human on earth is a representative of God. When [ Continue reading…]

Should a Muslim debate with atheist/polytheist?

Many Muslims are reluctant to face intellectual challenges posed by atheist/polytheist. For instance, those who believe in Darwin’s evolution claimed that living beings were originated due to gradual changing and modification of inanimate materials and was first created unicellular organisms and due to continuous evolution finally monkey was converted into [ Continue reading…]