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Al-Qaeda’s hypocrisy in the name of Islam

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So, you are acknowledging that they were animals (lions!) and not human beings, right?! They actually committed suicide and I just want to remind you what the consequence of committing suicide is. You are not the owner of your own life so if you commit suicide you may have to [ Continue reading…]

200 Verses about Compassionate Living in the Quran

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The Holy Quran talks about One God and one human family. Here, I want to stress the Quranic message of compassion, love and kindness by cataloging, as many verses, as I can, realizing that it can never be an exhaustive list as other readers will continue to find new ideas [ Continue reading…]

No, ISIS doesn’t represent Islam

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria continues to make news by violating Islam and human rights. On Sunday came reports that ISIS had destroyed the treasured Temple of Bel, a week after images were released of the destruction of the temple of Baal Shamin. Last month also saw reports of [ Continue reading…]

What is the benefit God will get from my Salat (Namaz)?

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This is an interesting but difficult question which we encounter from an open-minded Muslim. It is really very difficult to answer such question. But God says in the Quran that God does not need anything from us. God is not dependent on us. [The Quran 35:15]  O people, you are [ Continue reading…]

As a Muslim, is it necessary to follow the Quran alone?

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Well, many Quranists argue that a Muslim must follow the holy Quran alone as a source of religious guidance and reject all hadiths (ahadith). They even go further to claim that following any hadith as a source of religious guidance is tantamount to committing idol worshipping. In my opinion it [ Continue reading…]

Are we friends or servants of God?

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It is indeed very difficult question to answer. But if we try to understand the holy Quran deeply and use our common sense it is not so difficult to understand that we are friends of Allah (God) and not servants of God really! To be honest I do not want [ Continue reading…]

Religious Intolerance in Pakistan

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Khurram Zaki was coldblooded in Karachi. SSP Jahanzeb Kakar was killed premeditatedly. Barrister Aman Ullah Achakzai was shot dead. Ahmedi doctor Khaliq Bashir had mercilessly been murdered. A prominent Qawwal Amjad Sabri has systematically removed from the earth. Nawab Khan Saafi a PMS Officer is no more with us. He [ Continue reading…]

Muslims in America

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Notwithstanding TLC’s cancellation of the reality show, “All-American Muslim”, because it didn’t portray reality and because the Muslims depicted weren’t as much Americans as they were Islamists, Muslims have been making inroads into American society and becoming a force to be reckoned with. Just a few examples of growing Islamic [ Continue reading…]

Muslim Marriage – Customs and Traditions

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Islam is an Abrahamic religion which is expressed by the holy Quran that serves to be the religious book for the followers. This religion is followed by many devotees all around the world who are known as Muslims. Marriage in Muslims is a sacred institution that bonds two individuals in [ Continue reading…]

Large Muslim Population in Europe

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Islam is regarded as the second largest religion in the world. It is also the fastest growing religion in America and European countries. There are many reasons for this growing Muslims. The biggest of all is the teachings of Islamic brotherhood and peace. The people who are converting to Islam [ Continue reading…]