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Science in the Ancient Muslim World

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Ancient Greece is regarded by many as the father civilization to scientific studies. Many philosophers of this era wrote the foundation of what we know today to be modern science. After the fall of great civilizations in Europe in the Dark Ages much of the knowledge derived from the Greeks [ Continue reading…]

Violation Against Ahmadies in Muslim World

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This is the reality from the beginning of world, that majority is always most powerful than minority and minority has been violated by majority. Then we talk about the violation against the Muslim Community (Ahmadiyya) who has been living in Subcontinent since late 19th century. The cases of violation on [ Continue reading…]

The Muslim Pilgrimage

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The Religion Islam Is Consisting Of Five Basic Pillars Monotheism, Salah, Fasting, Charity And Pilgrimage. The Pilgrimage is the fifth pillar of Islam and Hajj is the Arabic word for Muslim Pilgrimage. In Arabic the meaning of Hajj is to set out for a place literally and for Muslims that [ Continue reading…]

Hindu and Muslim Bridal Rituals

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Every religion in India has its own rituals and customs of accomplishing marriages and behind the every custom there is some consequential secrets are hidden. The very famous note has been used at the time of wedding is Marriages are Made in Heaven, it is somewhat true also. Marriages in [ Continue reading…]