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16 similarities between Islam and Hinduism

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At first glance, it may seem Islam and Hinduism have nothing in common but that is not true at all. In fact, there are many interesting similarities between Islam and Hinduism. These similarities in many cases are strong and fundamental. So, it is very strange that why quite often Muslim- [ Continue reading…]

Michigan official stands by call for killing of all Muslims

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A local official in northern Michigan refuses to apologize for sharing Facebook posts calling for the killing of “every last Muslim” and for nuclear weapons to be used on the world’s 10-largest Muslim-majority cities. Jeff Sieting, the village president in Kalkaska, which is about 230 miles (370 kilometers) northwest of [ Continue reading…]

Did You Know That Jihad Is In The Bible?

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This may be shocking to some readers, but the Bible has been translated into Arabic. In fact, if you open your Bible right now and peruse through all of the translations of John 3:16, “Allah” is the word used to refer to God in the Arabic version right at the [ Continue reading…]

Does Idol Worship, the Unforgivable Sin?

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According to the Quran, the answer is both yes and no. [The Quran 5:72] Pagans indeed are those who say that GOD is the Messiah, son of Mary. The Messiah himself said, “O Children of Israel, you shall worship GOD; my Lord and your Lord.” Anyone who sets up any [ Continue reading…]

How Different Religions See God

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The world’s religions have varying concepts of God, and depict their deities in many different ways. Those diverse traditions have inspired great works of religious art, literature and cinema, and their influence even finds its way into people’s homes, in the form of the devotional objects that they hang on [ Continue reading…]

What Christianity and Islam have in common

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There are many people today who argue Islam and Christianity are locked in a civilizational war, a view that has become a rationale for a number of the Trump administration’s policies. This argument, however, is an inaccurate and simplistic assessment of the relationship between these two faiths. Quite distinct from [ Continue reading…]

Muslims Helped Jewish Neighbors Every Year

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Thanks to their Muslim neighbors, Jews living in Muslim countries from Morocco in the west to Iran in the east, were able to celebrate their annual Passover liberation from Pharaoh’s bondage, not only spiritually but also physically, according to the religious principle that the celebration should ‘begin with the darkness [ Continue reading…]

Shared names of God in Islam and Judaism

Polytheists have many names for God because they have many Gods; just as every human has many names for his or her many relatives and friends. But how can monotheistic religions like Islam and Judaism have many names for the one and only God in whom they deeply believe? The [ Continue reading…]

Pre-Messianic Events To Come

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The last seven months of 2017 will see one or more pre-Messianic events. Islamic traditions (Ahadith) say: Abu Saeed al-Khudri reported that the Messenger of Allah said: ”He (Mahdi) will be sent at a time of intense disputes and differences among people and disasters.” (Ahmad) Nothing surprising about that. People [ Continue reading…]

Does The Qur’an Support Attacks On Judaism

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In no way is the Qur’an anti-Judaism or anti-Jewish. However, there are people now, and there were people in the past; who have misused verses in the Qur’an for the purpose of vilifying and attacking Jews and other people of the book.   Just as some Muslims have misused verses [ Continue reading…]