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Hinduism, the Greatest Religion in the World

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Religion is man’s association with the Divine, and the ultimate objective of religion is realization of Truth. Forms which symbolize Truth are only indications; they are not Truth itself, which transcends all conceptualization. The mind in its efforts to understand Truth through reasoning must always fail, for Truth transcends the [ Continue reading…]

Abuse allegations against Catholic priests are on the rise in the Philippines

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Sexual abuse allegations against Catholic priests in the Philippines are on the rise, according to senior church investigators. But a new 101 East documentary reveals that prosecutions of priests alleged to have committed sexual abuse are extremely rare in Asia’s largest Catholic nation. Some alleged victims say they have been pressured not to [ Continue reading…]

What Makes Christianity so Special from Other Religions?

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One aspect of Christianity is so amazing, that it impresses even the CBS Evening News. Quick, name the practice that most sets Christianity apart from the non-Christian world. Respect for human life? Not really. Religions such as Jainism have, if anything, an even more uncompromising prohibition against harming any living [ Continue reading…]

Does the Quran Force Jews and Christians to Submit to Islam?

The Quran states the following: INNA ALLADHIINA KAFARU SWAA ON ALAYHIM ANDHARTAHUM AM LAM TUNDHIRHUM LA YUMINOON, (Quran 2: 7). Muslim commentators render the following interpretation: ‘God hath set a seal on their hearts and on their hearing, and on their eyes is a veil; great is the penalty they [ Continue reading…]

Have You Seen Isa in the Quran?

Have you taken a good look at Isa in the Quran? I mean a really good look… Have you seen Him. Yes, that’s a capital ‘H’ in the previous sentence. There’s a good reason for it. You see, Isa means Jesus. Some argue this point and say that Islam doesn’t [ Continue reading…]

Quran Mentions People of the Book

(In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful, all praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger) The Holy Quran mentions a lot of narratives about old civilizations and people that were subject to the messengers of Allah Almighty. These messengers wanted [ Continue reading…]

How did God create the Universe?

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The new message from God does not talk much on this issue. The physical universe contains unthinkable amount of matter and energy. How was these matter and energy created? God does not say much about it. It is a secret or it is unnecessary for us to know details because [ Continue reading…]

Is God really kind and merciful?

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There are so many bad and cruel things happening in the world. So many diseases, so much blood sheds, so many murders, so many rapes, so much tortures, so much sufferings, etc. etc. If God is all powerful and most merciful how come all those things could happen! The new [ Continue reading…]

As Adam and Eve were the first human beings, all of us are brothers and sisters

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So it does not make sense to fight or kill a human being if someone has different religious faith. It does not matter someone is Muslim or Christian, or Jew or Hindu or Buddhist or Pagan etc., we all are brothers and sisters in a broad sense. The Quran confirms [ Continue reading…]

Islam and Reincarnation

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Many Muslims mistakenly believe that after death the soul resides at the place where the body has been buried, awaiting the resurrection. What does the holy Quran teach? In the Surah 2: 28 God says: How can you reject faith in God? Do you not recall that you were once [ Continue reading…]