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The Bible And The Quran Are Pretty Similar On Justice

Justice is very important and central theme in many faith traditions. For centuries, religious texts and teachings have given believers moral instruction on how to live, how to relate to each other, and how to live in community. This is certainly true for the Abrahamic faiths ― Judaism, Christianity, and [ Continue reading…]

A Muslim, a Jew, a Christian, a Hindu, a Pagan and an Atheist all walk and talk amicably

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It’s conference time again. The streets of downtown Salt Lake City are filled with the super-faithful delivering vital messages in sundry meetings. But it’s not just Mormons. The Parliament of the World’s Religions is holding its 2015 gathering at the Salt Palace Convention Center. It’s a major undertaking. The idea [ Continue reading…]

How Can We Prove That the Bible Is God’s Word?

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The Bible is one of, if not the most controversial book in the world. Since it was compiled into its full canon, it has been subject to the most rabid attacks, and its adherents to the most virulent persecution known to man. From the martyrdom arenas ran by the Romans, [ Continue reading…]

Forgiveness – The Path to Compassion

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It is easy to misunderstand yourself and others and often difficult to move beyond that misunderstanding to universally accepting things as they are. The world is full of suffering. Holding on to hurt and our own suffering guarantees a world of continuing pain, dysfunction, disconnection, failure, and misery. The key [ Continue reading…]

Interreligious Harmony in Nigeria

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During the last 42 years, Nigeria has experienced all sorts of interreligious fratricides leading to loss of precious lives of civilians and men in uniform running into hundreds of thousands. Most older people will remember the Maitatsine Riots which dominated the Shehu Shagari and the IBB years. Reprisal attacks by [ Continue reading…]

The Bible and Islam on Prayer

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Contrary to common belief, the Bible and Islam have a lot in common. Perhaps, my favorite commonality is their presentation of the beautiful names of God. There is a name of Allah, Al-Mujib, which briefly touches on the subject of what the Bible and Islam teach about prayer. Al-Mujib means the Responder to Prayer. [ Continue reading…]

Why does almighty God need people to worship him?

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Well, the new message from God is confirming that God basically does not need our worship. Instead we need to serve God by fulfilling God’s will here on the earth. Most of the religious people believe we need to praise, glorify and worship God as much as we can but [ Continue reading…]

Why do different religions keep fighting with one another?

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Essentially, religion is a matter of belief. Different people believe in different ways which cause fighting and bloodshed in some cases. But the New Message from God is revealing that the world major religions were initiated by God for some good reasons and over time different selfish groups, religious and [ Continue reading…]

Why does God create natural disasters?

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Most of the religious people whether he/she is a Muslim or Christian or Jew believe that God punishes the world people for their evil works by different forms of natural disasters such as,  earthquakes, hurricanes, and tsunamis. But is it true? It is just a kind of believe without proof, [ Continue reading…]

Spirituality Is Important To Eye Patients

Patients visiting an ophthalmologist report that prayer is important to their well-being and that God plays a positive role in illness, according to a new report. “Ethical medical practice includes physician behavior, beyond technical competence, that promotes healing and optimizes the patient’s welfare,” the authors write as background information in [ Continue reading…]