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How To Manage Your Boss!

Rate Your Boss out of 10 Do you have one? Most people do and my guess is yours is wonderful! They understand you, appreciate your needs and most importantly respect what you do and how you do it? Sorry, that’s the description for those people who gave themselves a 10 [ Continue reading…]

How To Deal With Rejection At A Graduate Job Interview

Once you have graduated, unfortunately it’s then time to enter the real world which involves full time employment! When you first start to browse the graduate jobs that are available, you may not be fully prepared for what can be a long and frustrating process. Of course if you are [ Continue reading…]

How to Get a Government Job?

Government jobs are very sought after because they offer better job stability and benefits than many comparable jobs in the private sector. However, many people are intimidated by the fact that they don’t know how to navigate the process of getting a government job. Don’t let fear of the unknown [ Continue reading…]

How to Write a CV

If you are looking for a job, you may have noticed that some employers request a CV instead of a resume. Many jobseekers assume that a CV and a resume are different terms for the same thing, but this is not necessarily true. CVs and resumes are similar, true, but [ Continue reading…]

How Flight Engineers Can Advance Within The Airline Industry

Advancement within the UK airline industry can be tough for any professional. Flight engineers often feel stuck in their positions, as they do not have the same high level of direct advancement opportunities as pilots or customer service representatives. However, flight engineers in the United Kingdom have plenty of opportunities [ Continue reading…]

Before You Grab That Online Job Opportunity

While online, there’s a big possibility that you could’ve stumbled upon an online business opportunity advertisement like “Get paid to surf”, “Get paid for online surveys”. It could’ve been sent on your email or you’ve seen it on a classifieds site, forum or in a site’s banner. Earning extra money [ Continue reading…]

Careers in Economic Field

If you are interested in studying in the Economics field, there are a wide variety of career choices available to you. Generally speaking, most people with an Economics degree is whatever minor they choose, go for a Bachelor’s degree, although a Master’s degree will always ensure that you start out [ Continue reading…]

Careers in the Military – What You Need to Know

If you are a young person considering a career to pursue in your life, you have a variety of options. One option that you may want to give some careful consideration is a career in the military. There are a variety of great opportunities available in the military; however, you [ Continue reading…]

Becoming A Freelance Computer Programmer

Usually, when a student or prospective computer programmer envisions working in the field, they think of working for a company, the government, or some other formal entity as a direct employee, enjoying the perceived security and benefits of working for an established entity. For some, working outside of the office [ Continue reading…]