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USA Jobs- the best ways to use USA job boards to help your job search

When people begin to conduct a job search, the online USA Job Boards are a common place to do research and find information. There are many great job board websites available for use such as,,,,, and, but it is important to know how to [ Continue reading…]

5 Top Basic Sales Tips

Selling can be considered to a generic business. Each company has something to sell, whether it is a product or a service. Selling that product or service is critical to the company’s well being, so the technique behind the sales pitch is ultimately vital. There are so many sales tips [ Continue reading…]

Advancing Your Career Through Software Vacancies

New graduates and experienced professionals in the software development field need to always keep an eye out for advancement opportunities. After all, few professionals in any industry are interested in sticking around the same place for their entire career. In the software development field, there is an even greater flow [ Continue reading…]

5 Tips on Resume Writing

Preparing resumes a challenge! It’s not easy to shine out amongst hundreds of resumes no matter how extraordinary your skills or work experiences are. Here are 5 tips that will help you land in your dream job. 1) Match the Title/Heading with the Advertised Position This is a ‘must’ to [ Continue reading…]

Examining Careers in Engineering

Many individuals find the career of engineering a very enticing option. One of the main reasons for such a wide level of interest in careers in engineering is due to the fact that there are so many job options within this particular field. In this article, we will examine careers [ Continue reading…]

Benefits and necessities of cycling

The necessities of cycling are enormous due to the world environmental degradation, pollution, noise, health, safety and many other reasons. For example, Australian Government estimates that the ‘avoidable costs’ of traffic congestion is due to rise from $5.4 billion in 2005 to $20.4 billion in 2020. In an attempt to “cure” [ Continue reading…]

Education and Employment Immigration to Australia

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The educational system in Australia offers more than just academic achievements and globally recognized educational qualifications. It prepares you for working in the global marketplace. Studying in Australia is an unique experience that lends independence, maturity, understanding of cultures and viewing issues with a different perspective. Australian universities have made [ Continue reading…]

Find Job Opportunities In Canada Totally on Your Own With These 6 Pre-Immigration Tips

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Finding job opportunities requires using a number freely available information resources, plus one more important ingredient: determination. Determination is critical to your success – don’t be one of many people who get a few negative responses from potential employers and give up their search. Here are six tips on how [ Continue reading…]

Riba (interest, usury) and Modern Banking System

Now let us come to point, usury. taking usury is a terrible sin which can lead a person to hell. Terrible warning is issued from God almighty. For example, God does not say if you do not do obligatory fasting during Ramadan you have to go to hell. So we [ Continue reading…]

How To Manage Your Boss!

Rate Your Boss out of 10 Do you have one? Most people do and my guess is yours is wonderful! They understand you, appreciate your needs and most importantly respect what you do and how you do it? Sorry, that’s the description for those people who gave themselves a 10 [ Continue reading…]