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The most important aspects of Stock Market

Over the past few years the stock market has made substantial declines. Some short term investors have lost a good bit of money. Many new stock market investors look at this and become very skeptical about getting in now. If you are considering investing in the stock market it is [ Continue reading…]

When Should You Sell a Stock?

We all want to buy stocks that continue to rise for years, and some do, but sometimes it’s time to ring the register and take our profits on a stock that may be ready to stop rising or potentially reverse and head back down. How to Know When to Sell [ Continue reading…]

Stock Analyzing Investors come in many shapes and forms, so to speak, but there are two basic types. First and most common is the more conservative type, who will choose a stock by viewing and researching the basic value of a company. This belief is based on the assumption that [ Continue reading…]

Top-ranking books for becoming a successful stock market investor

The following are some top-ranking books for becoming a successful stock market investor:   ·  The Secret Science of Price and Volume: Techniques for Spotting Market Trends, Hot Sectors, and the Best Stocks ·  The Little Book That Still Beats the Market   ·  Trend Following: Learn to Make Millions [ Continue reading…]

How to Collect Dividend for a Stock

Listener Brian asks  “When is the first opportunity I can sell a stock I own and still collect the dividend payment?” His question relates to a recent event with stock MedQuist (MEDQ) which announced a special dividend payment with the date of record on October 11, 2010.  Brian wants to [ Continue reading…]

What is a P/E Ratio and Why is it So Special?

I’m here to finally tell what in the world a P/E Ratio is and why it matters to you to be profitable in stock market. No, a P/E ratio has nothing to do with high school physical education or how many pull-ups you can do but it can help tell [ Continue reading…]

How to Trade Derivatives in Stock Markets

Derivative is a product whose value is derived from the value of an underlying asset, in a contractual manner. The asset in question could be equity, forex, commodity, index or any other. In India trading of derivatives is governed by the framework under the Securities Contracts (Regulation) Act, 1956. Derivative [ Continue reading…]

How Do You Know When a Stock is a Good Buy?

Let me first say that there are no guarantees. By looking at a chart, we’re looking at odds and probabilities instead of certainties. But there are historical patterns that have led to explosive growth in stocks. Before you decide to buy a good stock, you’ll want to learn the top [ Continue reading…]