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Proof of Reincarnation Threatens Conventional Thinking of Heaven and Hell

Ideas pass into our psyche and become cemented in place as the ‘norm’ when they are backed by church and state. So it is with things like heaven and hell. Everyone talks about them as if they are real but we have never had anyone come back to tell us if they are or not.

It is different, however, with reincarnation as thousands of cases have come to light of people not only remembering past lives but with memory of how they died and where.

My reincarnation is a case in point. I was a man in my last life and while the life itself is not recalled the death certainly is. Positioned somewhere above my body and looking down on it the scene is still fresh in my mind.

Then in darkness and shown a vision of this life ahead and the age when special things would happen I was then positioned above my parents as they were married. The date is recorded and was one month before I was born.

It took a while to realise I was a girl and the strength of the male was no longer with me. Something else was present – the spirituality carried forward from the earlier life and many before that. Knowledge and another language also came with me as well as an insatiable hunger to absorb everything about what humanity believes and of its behaviour.

While people around me spoke of heaven and hell there was no way I could tell them of my reincarnation because of the date. The impression carried on that only when the age of 45 was reached could it be told. When that time came so did enormous power, learning and commissions to do the job that was uppermost in my mind at my last death.

There is no heaven or hell. Nor are there any devils, angels, saints or other things in a heavenly kingdom. There is one Spirit of the Universe that is in control of all things including good and evil and it is directing my work and that of everyone else. We are part of a grand plan in which we fit together like pieces in a giant puzzle as part of the big picture.

What happens to us in not under our control but that of the Spirit and today everyone is back who ever lived which is why we have massive overpopulation. It is now that the judgment of who is spiritual and who is seeking the truth will separate them from those who are the evil doers. The latter will be cast out according to prophecies and the promises made by the Spirit.

The Spirit led me to unravelling the plan of God and to the knowledge to bring about Mount Zion and re-establish the people of God to the truth.

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