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Reincarnation – A Law of Nature

If we cannot remember our dreams correctly, dreams which have occurred during a sleep state of consciousness the night before, how do we hope to remember past lives when the most recent was possibly many centuries ago?

It is no wonder that any memory of an earlier life experience of the soul, subsequently followed by the traumatic experience of a new birth into a new body with a new brain is difficult!

The subject of reincarnation perplexes many psychologists. However, it is accepted by metaphysical scholars and those who have studied the subject that the memory of past life experience resides not within the brain memory, but within the soul memory. In order to access this, the individual must be conscious of the subtler aspects of his nature beyond the mind and emotions.

If we wish to remember the soul’s past, we must be able to identify with our soul. Only then is there a chance for conscious access to past soul experiences and we must have a reasonable purpose in doing so.

Although the subject is touched upon often enough in a lighthearted manner in the western world, in eastern countries where reincarnation is considered to be an established fact there is a fundamental acceptance in philosophic attitude to life that allows both opportunity for remembrance of past lives and a clearer vision of an unlimited future as the soul evolves through life experiences towards its vision of spiritual excellence.

Some children, usually before puberty, readily recall fragments of their past life. Indian children are encouraged to do so in order to strengthen the soul’s link with their intuition and inner wisdom and learn to recognize the natural law of Karma.

Those who seek proof of such cases can find thousands of authenticated examples in the records of various metaphysical investigative organizations such as the International Institute for Psychic Investigation, founded in 1939.

Unconscious memory from the past comes spontaneously as those who have experienced powerful psychic impressions will know – but most of us will have at some time known an unexplained attraction or antipathy towards a person, a strange sense of familiarity in a place, or an intuitional message of caution or inspiration beyond the usual.

The popular psychic therapy of “past life readings” where the therapist assists the patient’s memory through sympathetic glimpses of his psyche is interesting, but a dangerous approach in unskilled use.

For a reason, Nature drops a curtain upon the past – what happened ten years ago is sometimes hard to remember – let alone what happened ten lifetimes ago. This law of the mind’s forgetfulness is the blessed gift of nature which allows us to live in the present with full use of present faculties and talents.

Man’s soul evolves not in one life span, but through many. First we must be able to clear up our memory of what has happened to us in this life and digest the experiences, both good and bad. Then perhaps we can think of benefiting by recalling past lives.

Some parapsychologists are constructively helping people achieve the necessary integration that is required by us all, and sometimes they are able to help others by recalling important events and suffering when appropriate for that person’s healing. However mere curiosity as a motive to hear of past life experiences is discouraged.

The firm belief that reincarnation as an eventuality for us all is strengthened by the experiences, writings and the living examples of many great souls past and present, who demonstrate their understanding of human evolution through repeated lives. These range from the classical ancient philosophers as Plato and the Vedic teachers to modern day poets as Wordsworth.

If great souls embrace the concept of Nature’s recycling why should we not test it by our own measures and seek to find its truth?

In this search we must be totally honest and possibly take comfort by asking ourselves –

Can I conceive of a time when I did not exist?

Can I think of life in the future – a future without me?

Sally Janssen is a writer, and Yoga teacher well known both in Australia and abroad for her skill in demonstration of the Hatha Yoga practices and her wisdom in applying the principles of Raja Yoga -the study of the mind and consciousness.

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