Reincarnation Facts – A True Story

Reincarnation Experience

There was something about my reincarnation that could not be told until many years had passed since my birth. As a man in a previous life and at around 45 years of age my spirit was suddenly above my body looking down on it. It lay across the seat of a dray with a horse standing at attention in a paddock somewhere.

Knowing there was a job to day my thought was that now it would get done. With that things turned black and my presence was in the spirit with the Spirit of the Universe. It was a wonderful place to be.

Between Life Visions

Then some visions were shown to me of my next life. It was stretched out as a line in front along which were ups and downs and an age when things would happen.

Until that time was reached it was important to stay quiet about my experience. When the time was reached the Spirit of the Universe visited me and the job for which my return was organised was laid out.

The Ups and Downs of the New Life

Here would start the ups and down because ahead of me was an enormous learning curve that started with the commission to tear down the wall of churches, go out to the people and bring back the young. Before anything like that could happen my feet needed to be on solid ground.

Opposition to Reincarnation

Reincarnation is bitterly opposed by most western style religions and certainly by communities who are brainwashed into believing in heaven and hell. This was the barrier that makes up the wall of churches.

It is comprised of the blindness and deafness created by the myths generated by ignorance that cannot be simply wiped away. Not even my own family who were hearing about my reincarnation for the first time are willing to accept me as normal.

Scientific Proof of Reincarnation

Dr Ian Stevenson, who studied cases of children with memory of previous lives, spent over 40 years researching the facts behind reincarnation and concluded that some people definitely do reincarnate.

He was right because only some are spiritual and the non-spiritual individuals, in my experience, are not able to carry over from life to life. It is the spirit that is the life force, as it is in my case.

Only Some Reincarnate

As Dr Stevenson found people who have reincarnated tend to reject their family members. That is a phenomenon that he put down to possibly an unhappy previous life. But that is not my experience. It is not the people one rejects but their lack of understanding.

In my case when people hear from me that memory of reincarnation is my experience you can see them coil away as if bitten by a snake. There is no way one can open their minds and steer them out of the fog that surrounds them unless they have a keen sense of spirit and want to know.

Nothing of Importance in Life

When my life ended last time there was no sense of sadness or of loss. Neither did family come into my head nor possessions when the Spirit called me. What did impress me about being between lives was the complete absence of any form of after-life as religions imagine.

There are no spirits to be seen, no heaven or hell, devil, angels or saints. Still this coming life was not looked forward to but it was necessary.

Take God Off the Cross

The job, as it has now been told to me, is to take God off the cross. That is part of my commission because you can’t crucify spirit and thanks to the religions that promote the image people think of the divine as a dead man crucified.

In fact the Spirit is all around us as a wonderful creative force that controls all things. No one dies or suffers unless it is part of the plan. That means that evil and good come only from the one source, as it states in the bible, Isaiah 45:4-8.

Constantine Invented Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ was invented by Constantine who established the Catholic Church in 325 AD. It was to him that the Spirit first directed me because he put God on the cross. The Jerome compiled the New Testament at the end of the 4th CAD and that cemented the lie in place.

It is this image that has been given to me to destroy because it is untrue and part of a giant conspiracy. Jeremiah 31:22 states that this job will be done by a woman. It bothered me that my new body was female and not male as before.

Visions Accompanied the Commission

When the first commission was given so also were 3 visions. The first showed an image like Jesus Christ teaching on a mountain. In the second my image had replaced him. In the third my face was on a screen like this.

That was in 1984, a long time before the Internet came about. The ability to speak to the world has made it the highest mountain ever and from it the facts about reincarnation and the spiritual people who have this gift will be better received.

My website called I Talk for You details my reincarnation experience and how the Spirit has led me. Once my commissions had been given so came the miracles that support my claims.

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