The righteous do not die and go straight to paradise

Salamun Alykum.

Thanks for quoting the Quran, the true guidance.

The righteous do not die.  They go straight to heaven.


[The Quran 16:32] The angels terminate their lives in a state of righteousness, saying, “Peace be upon you.  Enter paradise as a reward for your works.”

Only the unrighteous die.  They experience the pain of death.

[8:50] If you could only see those who disbelieved when the angels put them to death! They will beat them on their faces and their rear ends: “Taste the retribution of Hell.
[8:51] “This is a consequence of what your hands have sent forth. GOD is never unjust towards the creatures.”

Thank you and may God guide me,

Muhammed Irtaza

[33:62] God’s Sunnah is unchangeable

[39:23] The Quran is the best Hadith 

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Yes Kaukab Bhai,  you are right,


Only martyrs are not to be counted as dead: Ref: Verse # 154 of Al-Baqarah and Verse # 169 & 170 of Al-Imran. They are alive and get their  RIZQ direct from Allah (SWT)


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