Quran memorization _ the first step to understand the meaning of the Holy Quran



Quran memorization



 Quran memorization is an old s education from the

early periods of Islamic education until today. Quran memorization is a spiritual and religious activity, which has a positive impact on both mental and physical heath Quran memorization is one of the best methods recommended to save your memory from Alzheimer’s disease.

Quran memorization enhances memory of children as well as old people.

It lets you feel the deep meanings of the sublime words of Allah. Although it seems somewhat difficult to most of non-Arabic Muslims speakers, they are very keen to memorize the holy Quran.one of the most observed matter in Quran memorization and recitation is the feeling of peace and tranquility. You just feel that Almighty Allah is talking to you through his unique words.



Repetition of the verses of the holly Quran with reading, listening and writing raise your enthusiasm to understand verses’ meaning. There are many benefits of memorizing the holy Quran, some of these benefits are:

  • Your parents earning reward on the Day of Judgment. Almighty Allah promises shining crowns to be given to the parents of the people who memorized the holly Quran.
  • Do your five prayers in an excellent way because of your memorization to the verses that you will recite in the prayer.


  • Being a leader among people, the one who memorized the whole Quran or most of it is always

 Regarded with high esteem in our community. Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him when assigning leadership roles from among the Muslims, gave preference to those who knew more Quran.


  • Memorizing Quran sharpen person’s memory Evidence suggests that memorization of the Quran can increase a person’s IQ people who memorized Quran have a sharper memory than before.


  • Develop Self Control; Quran memorization requires a great amount of discipline. When you can continue on a schedule and following through with the rigor required for memorizing the Quran, you can definitely do more! Utilizing this self-control, you can do things you might never have had the strength or will-power to accomplish before.




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